Jameson ProctorJameson Proctor is a designer and technologist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He is a partner in the creative agency, Athletics, where he focuses on technical and interactive design.

He received his first computer, a hand-me-down Apple II+, from his grandfather during the dawn of the personal computer revolution of the 1980s. A good deal of his teenage years were spent learning Applesoft BASIC and Fortran, writing GUI menus for 5.25″ floppies and hacking hex values in Ultima II-IV player files.

Since then, Jameson has built predictive supply chain tools for the restaurant industry, iOS control applications for music performance and robotics and numerous PHP web applications for industries ranging from fashion retail and the arts to digital publishing.

jp1971.com is powered by WordPress using the _krnl framework. _krnl is in constant development at Athletics and serves as the framework for all of our WordPress work. It provides JavaScript and Less CSS frameworks, PHP utilities and a collection of plugins written by Athletics and other developers. We plan to release it in some form at some time in the future (wink wink).

All page templates were built using Jared Novack’s excellent Timber plugin which brings the power and flexibility of Twig to WordPress. If you haven’t given Timber a try in one of your WordPress projects, I highly recommend that you do.

Given this site’s almost singular focus on technology, it made sense to use Mark Simonson’s Anonymous Pro font which is described as “a fixed width sans designed for coders”.